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A dream come true

In my earlier years I used to work as a tattoo artist. Painting on bodies is something i really enjoy. I wanted to take it to the next step but didn't really know how to... I have been following Elva Ahlbin, a make-up artist on Instagram. And for over a year I have been trying to get a day with her to observe her at work. This might sound weird but I'm a fast learner and being around highly skilled people inspires me so much and I feel i can handle the stage. I want to learn from top dogs. A couple of weeks ago She hit me up and invited me to assist her and phenomenal photographer Anna Mårtensson. It was a 8h beauty shoot. I can't show you the outcome but this was one of the coolest experiences! The morale these cool women had during the shoot was amazing. No bullshit, no break, just work! So inspiring! Even though i didn't do too much make-up, i still pitched an idea that was used, that made my day for sure. Hopefully i'll be back assisting them some time soon. I think I did a good job and I hope I made an impression. It's all about connection.

This is too much fun for me to avoid, more of what makes you happy! Xx

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