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Dennis Duolee (Du-oh-Lee)

Over the last few years I have devoted my time to the quantum world. The place where our classical laws of physics conflict with our own common sense and perception of things. Our intuition may struggle but the results of the hypothesis and experiments makes quantum physics the most fundamental part of what science calls existence.


Modern science, philosophy, futurism combined with my life experiences are factors to my thoughts and artwork. Problem solving, both practical and theoretical has been a part of me since childhood and something I love to expose myself to. 


Similar to how cavemen interpreted their surroundings with cave paintings - I feel I’m doing the same. Things that intrigues and fascinate me is the foundation of the Natural World but also how I can twist and turn and set my own rules and laws of physics in my artwork.

I'm an active person that explores different fields within art. It ranges from Installations, sculputuring, writing, painting, drawing and event-based happenings, etc. My background as a graffiti artist has given me a close relationship to draw, with pens and pencils, markers, brushes and crayons. As of lately I've worked a lot with dry pastels and explored naïve art, a field that I truly identify with. It's important and valuable to me as it connects my childhood to my daily life as a father. It's like I'm time-travelling in my imagination and when I open my eyes I can see a little replica of me, my son Lee. 

In the end, what matters to me is to trust the process and to stay committed to my artistry and craft. My curiosity and curage takes me places and my ambition and obsession for practice is now the foundation for my results.


The great Ingmar Stenmark said it best -  "I know nothing about luck, all I know is the more I practice the luckier I get"


Earlier experience

2010-2016 - Freelancing Tattoo artist, Stockholm & Edinburgh.


2015-2016 - Konstskolan i Stockholm, Folkuniversitet
2018-2020 - Gerlesborgs konstskola, Stockholm

2020-2021 - Stockholms School of Fine Printing


Exhibitions & Projects

2015 - Spring exhibition at Konstskolan, Stockholm

2015-16 - "The Quantum Art Project" By Dennis Duolee in collaborations with and at AlbaNova - The Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm University's Institute of Quantum physics, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 - Art exhibition at Pannrummet Karlaplan, Stockholm

2016 - Live art on stage with ODZ at Göta Källare, Stockholm.


2016 - "Enter Life" By Dennis Duolee - Self sustainable eco-systems. Aquaponics based art. at Art Week Stockholm.

2016 - Exhibition at Bokbacka, Oslo, Norway.

2016 - Art exhibition at Pannrummet Karlaplan, Stockholm.

2018 - Exhibition at Black Sheep, Stockholm

2019 - Spring exhibition at Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm.

2019 - Christmas exhibition at Blivande, Stockholm

2019 - Scotch & Soda collaboration at Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm

2019 - Scotch & Soda collaboration at Täby Centrum, Täby, Sweden

2020 - Spring exhibition at Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm

2021 - Spring exhibition at Litografiska museet, Stockholm

2021 - Exhibition Konst och Kläder In collaboration with designer Göran Alfredsson, at Thalia, Stockholm

2022 - Spring exhibition at Soon Famous Gallery, Stockholm

2022 - Exhibition Konst och Kläder 2 In collaboration with designer Göran Alfredsson, at Thalia, Stockholm

2023 - Exhibition Möten på Smörrebröd, Stockholm

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