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The Quantum Art Project

Science through art - Art through science.

To interpret quantum physics from a artistic perspective.
Field research: 6+3 months
In collaborations with Students, teachers and professors at AlbaNova,(Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Exhibition Dec/Jan 2015-16 

"Subatomic physics as a fields has been a discussing matter regarding existence and dimensionality in ways that seem to conflict with our own common reasoning and perception of things. In order to see the world from the different perspective, Dennis Duolee offers an exciting journey in which science can be experienced, interpret, expressed and discussed "

Enter life

self-sustainable eco-system

Kopia av IMG_20170609_194915_853.jpg
Skärmavbild 2018-11-29 kl. 09.41.25.png

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture (to grow fish) and hydroponics (with added nutrients and to grow without soil )

 You grow plants and fish together in an integrated ecosystem. The fish waste provides a source of nutrients for plants to grow.

The plants filter the waste to provide fresh water for the fish.

This creates a sustainable ecosystem where both plants and fish can thrive in nutrient rich water

Aquaponics is a complete natural process which mimics all waterways on the planet

The input to an aquaponic system is fish food but only if needed, some fish can survive solely on nutrient rich water.

Field research: 24 months

Kopia av 20170517_120119.jpg

"Life as we’ve always known it, in a bit of a different structure. Made for two main reasons; The future of food and the euphoria of living art" 


Dennis Duolee

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