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A dream come true

So my son has been nagging on me. He wants me to come to his school and teach art. It's always been a dream for me to not only teach art but to to it in my sons class! I asked his teacher a couple of weeks ago and they invited me to his school for todays class. I had them for about 80min and boy were they good! Since their only seven years old I figured we should play with a lot of colors and shapes and NO RULES at all. The idea was to use crayons to draw any shape they wanted, followed by filling the shapes in with the same color as the line work. The third stage was to fill in the background. We ended the session by putting all A4 together to make one giant image. Most of them did it really well and I was surprised by some of the kids focus and determination. Cleary there's a couple of future artists in that class. My son it probably one of them.

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