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Another round of photos!

Still no editing as I want to stay as close to reality as possible. Even though the camera does more than i could imagine, using editing tools feel like cheating, at least form the stand point of taking photos of The Natural world. As soon as I (or someone) edits pictures it tend to reflect something else than reality. Capturing stuff for what it is, Is what intressets me. A big shout out to my friends Angelique and her two beautiful daughters Danielle and Vera for modeling for me. I mean, how beautiful aren't they!? (OMG!)

Different from before was that I worked a little more interactive with them (Mainly with Danielle, the blonde). I did the make up and the set and she painted the background. I told her to paint freely without anything too illustrative, more childish play. Colors on her/them came out really nice and got "re-lived" in the background.

This session I introduced a new lens, a 24mm, that could become my new favourite lens. Now, I don't know jack shit about cameras so I can't really say any details about the differences other than It takes a little more wide shots with the ability to stay very close to "the object". So in my "arsenal" I use a 50mm and a 24mm. Not too many pictures came out as I wanted them but here a few that I like! Xx

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