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Getting my shit together

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, as Ice Cube said. This week, as mentioned before, has been a pretty hectic week. I've gathered all my artwork and supplies from a storage room i've been renting over the last year. Took me a good three hours running up and down with boxes of art.

It's been tough having my stuff in a storage as I'm used to having them all around me and observing them for new ideas. I view most of my paintings as my babies, having them around, taking care of them and making sure that they're in shape, heck, I even talk to them. So having them inside an dark shed just feel mean, man... I haven't sorted my stuff in probably four years, and now, the time has finally come for me to gett my shit together. As I'm going through multiple years of drawing, I realized that I need to sort stuff on a monthly or weekly basis. For three days I've been sorting roughly 10.000 A4 & A3s, Yes TEN THOUSAND!!! - yeah, I draw a lot... Hopefully I'll be done by the end of the week and come up with better routines to sort, document and places my work in the right categories.

Keep in mind Your THOUGHTS, will affect your FEELINGS, that will affect your ACTIONS, that will affect your RESULTS. Change the way you think and you can reach level beyond your old expectations. Xx

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