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HAppy 2019, and i FU#€%&@ mean it!

This year could not start better, at least that's what my mind keeps telling me. Christmas and new years eve was really cozy and i had the chance to really enjoy my alone time.

I don't know if this is "my comfort zone" but I really enjoy doing research, problem solving and brain-exercises!

And that goes well hand in hand with the way i like to be and stay creative. I totally feel that I'm writing just to write but at the same time, I'm writing cause i'm really happy. It's been a very long time since i said that, and I say it with confidence.

I've been doing so self-reflection and started with a new "trend" - So every morning when I ride to school I'm in a state of mind where I only think about things that I'm thankful for, in the most genuine way. And it can be super small things like having a warm vinter jacket or that I got roof over my head and money in the bank. Well, damn has that helped! Even though it's just a couple of days, i truly feel a difference. Not to be naive but I do feel so damn strong. Unbreakable if you will.

Before I hit depression a few years ago, I was involved with American Football on a elite/Pro level. I had a Go in me that couldn't be stopped. I always did my very best and didn't break a tear for nothing (Mentally strong) And boy was my life way funnier then. Cause of my mind set! I'm on that track now, with new priorities! - Things are changing and I can feel it everywhere, Heck! I can see it everywhere!

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