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Hell week

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

98% scheduled this week and I need them last 2% to dance to hip-hop! Busy weeks like this is something I wish I had on a weekly basis. Not too much of course (We all know how that ends!) but enough so to feel super tired at night. That's one of the things i really enjoy, when you so tired that you just pass out on the couch or bed, with clothes on. This week has the potential to reach that level of tiredness. I moving my art, art supplies and other stuff from one point to another. Also have photo shoots booked as well as the last touch on my application for The Royal Institute of Art, in Stockholm. On Saturday, I'm meeting a photographer that I highly respect. He's willing to take his time to answer my questions regarding photography! I couldn't be more pleased! Took some photos of my super cool friend at school. She's so charismatic and has a unique apperence. Lovely! Xx

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