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I'm kind of done...

So I finally did it! - I manage to update and redo my website! - And I'm kinda of done...

I do need to fix some stuff on my blog but all in all, I'm done! Dealing with depression kind of ended everything for me during that time. I did not have the strength, motivation or light in the tunnel to actually push forward. I've been afraid of speaking about my weaknesses, but I did come to the conclusion that nothing is wrong with me, I just got hit by depression. Step-by-step iv'e been successfully gotten stronger and what Really pushed me towards the right direction is my Art School, Gerlesborgsskolan. Not only do I get the chance to really reach my goals - The surroundings of great talented artists, phenomenal teachers and a wonderful atmosphere make this the perfect rehabilitation clinic. Boy am I Lucky! I will post about how I dealt with my depression-phases and personality disorder. It'll be a deep dive in both genres where I will use myself as an example on how it all worked out. Not 100% on how I want to present it - But the planning lays a head! Xxx

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