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#MakeGraffitiBadAgain w/ Circle

So, my first memories of art is through Graffiti. I come from a brotherhood of three siblings that all did graffiti as part of their childhood. Graffiti is a perfect mixture for kids as theres a lot of intense feelings mixed with big colorful art work that you spray, over anything! This got me going and every day as I was walking towards school i saw words like "Hotel", "ARSLE", "Jazz", "Spion", "WUFC" - These weren't stores and café signs, these were the top graffiti artists art work during my childhood era. These were the first artists that I looked up to. The reason why i kept on going. But, there was this one guy who's THE graffiti artist OF graffiti artists, Circle. Circle has been the truest pioneer within graffiti in Sweden. His pieces are well known all across the world, as he's one of the very few graffiti artists that's gotten his graffiti piece "K-marked" which means "Culture marked" Meaning that it can't be touched as it holds a high culture value. It's a true mark of an era that made Stockholm into one of the most bombed (plotted) places in Sweden. So, where am I going with this? - So in school, we have an paraphrase-assignment, were we're suppose to take a current art-work an paraphrase it to our own. I got an idea of doing a paraphrase of Circles latest exhibition, so i e-mailed him and he responded right away. He was happy to help me out! so sick!!! This is a dream come true,

You guys have no idea how much this means to me! It's CIRCLE god damn it! Stay tuned, cause my pitch on this is off the rails! GO BIG OR GO HOME. Yours truly, A very happy Dennis Duolee

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