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Plan C - JUST Do something?

So, we have an assignment;

"Something that is personal, so personal that it becomes political - and the political become Art" (Media: Film, text or performance)

I don't like the theme at all - I feel that political Art should be on your own agenda and not required or asked of by a school.

It can be a pretty private area. That's why I think I reacted. I can't really do my project the way I Really want to do it so I have to go to Plan B, which doesn't work well with our media-options. And I don't really have a Plan C and I don't want to force one in either... I'm not negative, I'm serious and honest. My teachers did however say that I didn't have to focus on the Political part and that I should focus on the Personal stuff. Well, that's not really me (believe it or not) That's not how I like to do Art, even if it's an assignment.

I feel that it forces me to deal with stuff that I don't want to deal with, especially in the expression of Art.

I can't go "Half ass" on stuff that's really meaningful to me and I stay positive and optimistic but I can't really see the outcome on this one.

I've been thinking tons about this but since Plan A and B are out of the window, not sure if Plan C (X?) is intriguing enough.



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