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So what do I mean by my three words? I'm a believer of practice, both mentally and physically. I also have a huge obsession with expertise and top level performances in any genre. I like ultimate prestige and the peaks of perfection.

I'm going to start with the word THINK; A year ago i had the order the other way around, ART/THINK/EXECUTE - I was in this state of mind where it all starts from he artistic perspective - Where I play with all kinds of possibilities and dimensions of things (As a thought experiment) I realized that I had the order wrong as my artistic path always started through Thoughts.

Yes, i know - everything always starts from the perspective of Thought - but i had them mixed up. I was just wrong.

Throughout my life, i've always gotten comments on my of thinking. And it wasn't until my late 20's i started to think of why i think this way. I had heard of think outside the box but for me, it was just normal thinking. I grew up in a safe neighborhood, attended good school and my social network was educated. Nothing special nor ideal. I keep coming back to American football but that's really the place where I trained my brain. Not only to make important decisions fast but also to make the right ones based on potential and pre-and-in-game schematics (Strategies) Football is 11 offensive players VS 11 defensive players. They use the entire field to either try to get the ball to the other side - or - to defend it. These 11 players are distributed to do different task. They come in all kinds of sizes to give different advantages (Big, small, strong fast, explosive, stamina etc etc) Usually, an offensive playbook contains up to 12.000 play variations. Meaning that you can call 12.000 different kinds of strategies, in one game. You will also change these strategies depending on what the other team do or does. Now - as a football coach, I didn't have to learn my players every specifik variation - But I did have to learn them I new language, Football. So breaking down what you(I) need to know to be able to not only use all these strategies VS the potential outcome, I also had to learn my players my type of philosophy I had as a coach (Meaning what kind of style of play you coach)

Every football team has about 50 individual players. Meaning that there's 50 different ways of teaching too, at least if you care of coaching and winning. And yes - yes I do! As mentioned in my bio, I manage to win 5 national championship in Sweden. As a coach and a player. Both physically and mentally. By now, you might understand my obsession of high function, high prestige, high informational genres. This lead me to: Think

I can't really pinpoint what I mean about Thinking, but I once heard an author talking about young writers/authors complaining that it's so hard to become a writer/author cause it's so hard to get into good school and what have you... The author also said "If you want to be a writer, then, DAMN! Write!" - And that's kinda how I feel. I think ALL THE TIME - My thinking has led me to an amazing artistic path where I've been able to meet incredible people that i highly respect.

What is my Thinking? Well it starts from the a single dimension. An idea of a Thing that's there but doesn't have any other ideas in the roams of space and time. I then go onto the second dimension, where the Thing I think about stretches out and a two dimensional surface arrives to slowly create an perspective from two sides (Or dimensions) The third part is our three dimensional space, where three sides of the thing can be manipulated. These three steps are crucial in my way of thinking. I apply dimensions as an idea grows. I tend to twist and turn in these three dimensions and play with every single out come there is, trying to figured out all these possible variations (Trying...)

Similar to football - I'm looking at thousands of things, strategically, with the potential out come as my presentation. What I actually want to deliver,

What's worth game planning for

What will make me a Champion Next up: ART


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