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thoughts onto paper

Sketching ideas has become a big part of my process, I didn't know that sketches itself could be viewed as art. A few weeks ago i visited Lisbon, Portugal, for a two week vacation and I had the chance to hit their modern museum of art. I was lucky to be there the same time as Miguel Palma had his exhibition. DUDE! His stuff was of the charts! I couldn't really tell if his machines had any function but just the idea of pointless machines was enough to me! (Sorry if they're not pointless, it's just how I interpreted them) As I was walking around his structures and blueprints I got reminded of my own process and how I go about myself.

A couple of weeks ago we had a lecture with Martin Jacobson in school and he said "Don't be afraid to copy other artists, it means that you see yourself in them." - and I must say it was refreshing to hear that. My intention is not to copy anyone but to be in the same field and maybe share similar thoughts and processes is very human. Kind of like looking for tribe members or having Idols that you mimic cause you share the same interest. Now, I don't build machines (yet) but I have a fascination for sketching, and in this case it's My ideas of things that I want to build, lets call it Blueprints.

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