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year two: Stronger

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

I've been dying to get back to school, for a couple of reasons. I feel like our summer break came as soon as I was starting to deliver a lot of content in writing and drawing. I worked hard everyday to get into rhythm and it didn't seem to end - until school ends. No excuses really but I did do other stuff during our summer break.

Secondly; Why do artists have breaks? - I mean, the artistic lifestyle always has moments of "nothing" to it - like skipping class to charge your mental state or just being at home, unconsciously getting inspired when doing nothing. We already do a hole lot of nothing, we don't need breaks, I would argue. What we do need is somewhere to paint, build and socialize. I think our school and students would do better if they had access to our school during the summer - it's also a very good way for our students to connect and stay in touch for the coming semester. So a lot has happened this summer, A LOT!

My word coming out of the summer of 2019 is "Stronger" I decided to do a Push-up challenge, pushing me to do 250 push-ups within 30 days. I did make it (ish) and I grew stronger - but it also opened up doors for me to do other stuff and before a knew it I was doing full body exercises plus jogging and stretching on a daily basis! It's like my life turned, or that I raised my standards once again - And I can't stop thinking about how it'll be a year from now.

Today I feel Strong, both physically and mentally - I can do stuff with my body that i couldn't before, I can go longer without getting tired, I can push through things that are intimidating and best of all - I can deal with failure like a fucking Champion. Almost exactly a year ago I felt something growing inside me - I knew from the bottom of my heart and in every little blood cell that things was about to change.

Things can hit me, things can try to put me down or take control of me - but uh'uh, not anymore, I'm Strong now. Ps: Other things I've done this summer: *Attended Patty Smith's concert *Stayed at my summer house for two weeks *Rented an island for my sons birthday *Cooked so much good food *Caught fish and picked wild blueberries

*Reggae beach concert *Taking photos with disposable cameras *Celebrated midsummers at a phenomenal spot in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.

Oh, and here's some pictures! Enjoy! Xx

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