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Meetings at Smörrebröd

My next exhibition is just around the corner and unlike previous exhibitions I've done, this will be an ongoing exhibition where I’ll meet various artists and creative people that inspire me. I will have a dialog with them over lunch once a week throughout the summer at Smörrebröd in Östermalmshallen, Stockholm.

Inspiration to me is my exposure to my highly active lifestyle, amazing friends and family. The development In my artistry is being around talented artists and seeing how they carry themselves In a tough market. Not only do you(I) need to practice daily, on skills and staying consistent with work ethics but you also need to be out there, promoting and staying connected to the right (and good) people, it’s a damn hustle for sure! I haven't really deep dived into how other artists go about themselves which is what I’m looking into now. I want to get perspective on how other artists stay active, creative, inspired and how they convert an Idea into actuality. The dialogs will be documented in text and picture and shared on my website as well as Smörrebröds website.

Hope to see you there!


Exhibition info "Möten at Smörrebröd" (Meetings at Smörrebröd)

At Nybroe Smörrebröd, Östermalmshallen, Stockholm.

July 6th - September 11th

Mon-Tue 11-21:00

Wed-Sat 11-23:00

Opening night July 6th 17-19.00 Private invites only!

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