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what a show!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Man oh man, where do I even start? First off I want to give a massive THANK YOU to everone who made the show. You made this night special, heck, even the bouncers raved about how groovey, cool and loving the audience was. Much love! And so to the show, I mean WOW! Talk about a night filled with energy! For this event I managed to get a few solid DJs to the line-up and we started the night with Tannaz Bassier who has an ear for that deep mystical burner electro but don't get fooled by her petite apperance, Tannaz brought some heavyness and gave the first visitors a show. Kimchii followed with his famous disco inspired tunes. Kimchii was someone who Alembia wanted to open for them, a DJ and Artist they really like, so having him go on before them meant alot. He got the venue all warmed up.

Finally it was Alembias time to take the stage and damn was I excited. One of my favourite tunes they have is Psychjam, a total banger they let loose on the get-go! I was pleased by how well the audiene responded. I had a few key people (Busines wise) showing up to watch them play and boy were they satisfied!

Alembia played similar tunes like last time but this time it felt like a completly new show. They had a few new jams but it just felt different in a very good and crisp way, I also fell in love with their latest track "Changes" (Will be released soon). Trust me when I say this: Changes will be a hit. The ammount of power it brings is insane and the tune really changes, hence the name.

Man I could go on and on about the show but I'd rather let you view a few clips to get some sense of what I'm talking about. After the show my favourite DJ-Duo hit the stage, Miss E & Jan Vall who just kept on bringing it - this is why I'm so hyped about this event, from the very start the vibe just kept growing and the crowd was in for a night! My good friend and amazing producer and DJ, JStaaf (Johan Staaf) closed the night, and just like the previous artists he had the venue going nuts. Ye, clearly words cannot describe this night... The artists, the audience, bouncers, me and Alembia was so happy with everything and thankful to play infront of a completly new crowd. As their manager I couldn't be more proud. I got the right people there and they delivered a spectacular show. Just wow!

Now look at a few clip I filmed!

Filip enjoys the spot

Gustav slapping the base

Pre jam

Alembia also programs their own light show which is so spot on for their music!

"Inspector norse" (Todd Terje cover)

"Changes" (to be released soon!)


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